Career Testimonials

Dr. Tim Oergel, Founder/CEO


- Ted R. Bates, CPT, QM, AZRNG | 167th QM Supply Company

"Intelligent, dedicated, agressive and responsible are just a few of the outstanding characteristics that Tim Oergel possesses...he constantly seeks self-improvement, and his moral standards are beyond reproach; he can be relied upon to be honest and forthright in all of his actions. Based on my observations, it is evident that Tim enjoys the qualities of leadership and initiative that I desire the leaders in my organization to possess" 

- John B. Willis, CPT, FA, US Army | C-Battery, 6th Battalion, 32nd FA

"I have known Tim Oergel to be a strong performer who posesses the capacity to make great contributions to the Army as a commissioned officer. My review of his accomplisments in both the Army and Air Force has shwon a commitment to excellence and potential to succeed in all of his endeavors. He is dedicated to mission accomplishment and displays a true sense of professionalism in his actions." 

- Michael L. Dodson, Brigadier General, USA | III (U.S.) Corps Artillery

"Exceptional outstanding support of the Army Partnership with Lawton Area Schools Program (APLAS). Your insight, valuable knowledge, and adept mentoring skills were instrumental in the success of the program. Your positive influence served to greatly enhance the educational experience of our youth. Your involvement in the APLAS Program reflects great credit upon you and the Lawton-Fort Sill community."  

- Allan W. Davis, MAJ, USAF, MSC | 7100 Combat Support Wing MC

"This is to provide documentation supportint Tim Oergel's intent to submit application for either "Bootstrap" or the Airman Education and Commissioning Program. Based on discussion with his current and past supervisors, Timothy appears to be an excellent officer candidate. We are aware ...that our short-term loss would be minimal as compared to the long-term career benefits regarding Tim Oergel and for the good of the Air Force."


- Dan Roush, General Manager | Caterpillar - Empire Power Systems

"Tim's  work performance with Empire Power Systems has been of such caliber that Tim has secured a position representing Empire to our outside customer base and the general public. He is courteous and appropriate at all times with customers, coworkers, vendors and suppliers. Tim's level of professionalism has been an ongoing benefit that allows for productive and effective interactions across his areas of responsibilities. It is through the avenues of trust from his employer, and confidence in himself that he operates."


- Farris Shaheen, P.E. QCxP | Principal - Morrison Hershfield

"In Fiscal 2018, our collective success was due to many factors, including: excellent technical performance, strong business development activities, follow-through on many operational intitiatives and Migration Elements to improve performance on projects, strong management, and most importantly, the dedication of all of our talented and committed staff. Through your effort and commitment to results, our consolidated financial performance was strong...we exceeded most year over year financial metrics and ended the year as one of our most successful. Thank you for your ongoing leadership, commitment and we successfully deliver our Fiscal 2019 business plan."If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.